Field Cleanup

Field cleanup involves the picking up of trash, water bottles and any equipment or clothing left at the fields after the games. Emptying the trash cans and taking the trash to the PBA dumpster over by their building and putting a new liner in the trash cans. During Round Robins these trash cans may need to be emptied multiple times.

Field Maintenance

Field maintenance involves the lining of the playing fields prior the start of the seasons, and maintaining the lines on the fields throughout the year. Additional lines are setup for Summer Camps as asked by the coaches. Keeping the lines from disappearing is the big task, once the lines are lost it takes more time to remark them. Fresh lines should be in place for each game day.

This team will also be responsible for making sure the goals and goal nets are in good shape, fixed/replaced as need be. Maintaining the blue fences around the fields making sure they are in good shape, tied up as need and all banner and signs are in place around the fields.

  • Trimming around fences, sheds
  • Watering the fields, purchasing gas for Water Reel
  • Purchasing Field lining paint