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Boy's Programs

K-2 Boys

As an FYI, any K-2 player participating in in full equipment/pads WILL NOT be permitted to use a “Fiddle stick and/or mini lacrosse stick”. The main reason behind this requirement is that a regulation lacrosse ball gets wedged into the throat/bottom rail of the stick and provides that player an unfair advantage. Additionally, all sticks must measure 37” in length (Top of the head to bottom of the shaft). If you need your stick shorter than 37”, please inquire with the coach staff before cutting the stick.

Boys K-2 Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment requirements:

  • Lacrosse Helmet (Cascade CS is youth size)
  • Mouth guard
  • Gloves designed for boy’s lacrosse
  • Arm pads designed for boy’s lacrosse
  • Shoulder pads designed for boy’s lacrosse
  • Athletic protective cup
  • Cleats (Optional, no metal spikes)